Post Bariatric Surgery is a critical time for patients. Many challenges are met at a time when better choices and habits need to be exercised. Your PhoneCoach can help you navigate those challenges.


Type 2 diabetes mellitus has reached epidemic proportions. If you have Type 2 diabetes , we are here to help you regain control of your life. Learn how to make change and the best choices with your PhoneCoach.


Giving birth is a miracle, but the weight gain and challenges to lose are not. The choices you make now are critical in successful weight loss, and if you’re nursing, nutrition choices are not easy.


At MyPhoneCoach, we have created the most effective program for our population to make positive and healthy lifestyle changes available today. A program developed to provide the quickest outcomes for our clients with the easiest delivery. Clients access their weekly sessions by phone, in the comfort of their home, work or simply sitting in a coffee shop.

Here is how it works:

  • You will participate in one weekly telephone session that lasts approximately 40 minutes each.
  • Sessions are preset call times – you will choose from call times offered to your group.
  • If you cannot make the preset call time, recorded sessions are available through your personal profile pages available through any web connection.
  • Each session consists of; 40 min lesson plan delivered by your personal coach, question and answers from the group and a short summary with homework for the following week’s lesson plan.
  • Login and journal with 24/7 access to your personal online journal with coach’s comments.

Your 1st step in gaining control of your life is to understand the different stages of change and identify just what stage you are in while taking part in our 8 Week Lifestyle Change Program. You can stop blaming yourself for unsuccessful healthy lifestyle changes such as; weight loss, exercise and much more…it’s not your fault. You have simply not been ready to commit to changes in your life.

Now you have a chance to make the best possible decision and finally take control of your life. What are your options? Another short term diet plan, special pills & powders, join a health club or even more drastic, try one of the several weight loss surgeries. Compared with client compliance with other options of just 10-20%, phone coaching is the answer to helping you take personal responsibility and control of your life.

Get Control Today!

Easy, safe, and effective coaching to learn how to change.

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